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Asia Pacific Journal of Family Medicine Volume 5 Issue 1

Greetings from the co-editors of Asia Pacific Family Medicine, the journal of Wonca Asia Pacific, our own Wonca region.

It took 6 years from the time the journal was conceptualized in 1996 to the time it was launched in 2002. Through a series of Regional Council meetings, it was agreed that the Asia Pacific region should have its own scientific journal. The same Regional Council appointed the three co-editors and publisher and now the web site provider. Members of the editorial board were nominated by the member organizations. The journal can be accessed through

If the conceptualization took 6 long years, the birthing pains, though shorter, was not an easy one. Asia Pacific Family Medicine is now a reality and we the editors would like to express our thanks to the following:
1. Our previous Publisher, Blackwell Publishing Asia, which was very helpful in the first three years of the journal. It facilitated teleconferencing of the editors, printed and distributed copies at no cost to Wonca, and assigned professional staff to ensure a high-quality journal. It is unfortunate that Blackwell decided not to renew the memorandum of agreement.
2. MediWorld International which hosted our on-line journal from 2004 to 2005. This has provided us continuity which is very important for any journal.
3. Macau Association of General Practitioners. Macau is one of our smallest organizations and yet it saw the merit of the journal, thereby donating US$10 000.00 in the year 1999 to ensure that the project will become a reality.
4. Professor Hideyashu Aoyama who has given a personal contribution in the amount of one million yen. Professor Aoyama believed in the Asia Pacific having its own journal and made this contribution so that the journal would be realized.
5. The Japanese Academy of Primary Care Physicians, which donated US$2000.00 in 1996 for use of the region for a worthy project. The money was kept intact and allocated for the journal in 2001.
6. The Philippine Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP) for agreeing to host the editorial office. From March 2001 to March 2004, the PAFP has invested US$718 718 of its own money to ensure that the Editorial office will continue to function. The annual US$2000.00 allocation from Wonca is definitely not sufficient.
7. The editorial board, which has reviewed 212 articles and attended five meetings during regional conferences. Previously we were able to provide complimentary printed copies of the journal to the editorial board and peer reviewers, but that is not possible at the moment since we are now exclusively an on-line journal.
8. The World Organization of Family Doctors Asia Pacific, owner and publisher of the journal and Wonca through its website which now host our website.
Asia Pacific is one of the two Wonca regions which have their own journal. Wonca Asia Pacific is now our publisher, thus Wonca Asia Pacific and all its member organizations now solely own the journal. The financial support from Wonca Asia Pacific for the Editorial Office is sustained. However, there is a need for more funding to further improve the journal.

As we start our fifth year in circulation, we would like to call on the family medicine community in the Asia Pacific:
1. The family physicians/general practitioners in practice, research and academi, to visit our website at and send us comments about the journal. Your comments will be very valuable in its improvement. Better still, we hope you can send letters to the editors and papers for possible publication.
2. To academic departments of family medicine/general practice/primary care to make our journal a regular site visited by residents/registrars and preceptors/trainers. Submit papers, your research, viewpoints etc. and be part of knowledge based on the Asia Pacific region. Share your discoveries and experiences around the world through Asia Pacific Family Medicine.
3. To the 19 member organizations of Wonca in Asia Pacific, this is your journal too. You were all part of its conceptualization and birth. Be part of its growth. Give support financially. Help in marketing for submissions and advertisements.
Thank you very much and we look forward to your favorable responses.

Sincerely yours
Lyn Clearihan, Co-editor, Australia
Lam Tai Pong, Co-editor, Hong Kong China
Zorayda Leopando, Co-editor, Philippines